Another Dena’ina Love Song

Here is another of Peter Kalifornsky’s three songs, with the lyrics as he wrote them, and our translation. You can read it and listen to him also in From the First Beginning. He sings for us and tells us how he made the song: how it came to him while “thinking about nothing.” “They lived life by the imagination,” he used to say: “the power of the mind.”

Un’i ada ndgheshnini
ndahduh k’ushu qch’aninyu gushaninyu
un’i ada ndgheshnini
ndahduh quk’e’ushh k’ushu qch’aninyu
shgenaga k’ushta beq’aynizdilnik h’qu
un’i ada ndgheshnini

And our rendering.

Come, let me welcome you with love,
You, from your far-away home:
I want to welcome you.
Where the sun rises, where
You don’t understand my words
Come, let me welcome you with love.